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4th Grade

Welcome to fourth grade where we are a team!  During this awesome year we will be covering many exciting topics including Colorado history; multiplication; fractions; geometry; and using Mystery Science to learn about physical science, life science, and earth and space science. We are excited to begin implementing Wonders, our new ELA curriculum.


We're thrilled to have a fun team this year.  We have Jodi DeHondt, Megan Bolwar, Rich Coulson, Johnna Jacobsen, and Caitlyn Trujillo.

Our essential standards we are covering this year are the following:


Grade Level Expectation 


Number & Operations in Base Ten: Generalize place value understanding for multi-digit whole numbers.


Number & Operations—Fractions: Use decimal notation for fractions, and compare decimal fractions.


Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Use the four operations with whole numbers to solve problems.


Measurement & Data: Solve problems involving measurement and conversion of measurements from a larger unit to a smaller unit.


Measurement & Data: Represent and interpret data



Grade Level Expectation 

RW 4.2.1 

Apply strategies to comprehend and interpret literary texts.

RW 4.2.2

Apply strategies to comprehend and interpret informational texts.

RW 4.2.3

Apply knowledge of spelling patterns (orthography) and word meanings (morphology) to decode multisyllable words and determine the meaning of unknown words. 

RW 4.3.2

Write informative/explanatory texts using text structures appropriate for the purpose and developed through facts, definitions, concrete details, precise language, and domain-specific vocabulary.

RW 4.3.4

Understand why and how writers use the conventions of Standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics to clarify their meaning.