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Mission & Vision Statement for BSD Counseling Program

The mission of the Bayfield School District Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive developmental program that meets each student’s academic, social, personal, and career needs and strengths.

The vision of the Bayfield School District Counseling Department, in partnership with educators, parents/guardians, and the community, is to ensure that all students at Bayfield develop the skills, knowledge, and mindsets necessary to be successful, contributing members of society in an ever-changing world.

Counselors at Bayfield believe every student:

  • Can expect a school climate that is safe, healthy and welcoming
  • Will develop self-advocating skills to enhance their personal and academic goal(s)
  • Learns differently and is capable of achieving their greatest potential
  • Should be valued for their strengths and challenges, and will be treated with respect and dignity
  • Will have access to high quality, data driven and developmentally appropriate school counseling services provided by a licensed, professional school counselor as an integral part of their school experience.
  • Brings ethnic, cultural, racial, and developmental differences that are considered an important piece in the design and delivery of school counseling services

 The Bayfield School District Counseling Department supports the development of Social Emotional competencies that prepare students for graduation and postsecondary success in the 21st century.  We define this as:

  • self awareness;
  • self management,
  • relational skills,
  • social awareness and
  • responsible decision making.

For more information please click the link below. Sourced from the Collaborative for Academic Social & Emotional Learning (CASEL).

Social Emotional Learning Competencies

Rob Stafford (Mr. Rob) is our School Counselor.  He offers guidance lessons for all grade levels that focus on eight School-wide citizenship themes.  Small student groups that address academic readiness, friendship skills, emotional support, and specific personal matters can be participated in with parent approval.  Short-term individual assistance for personal matters can also be participated in with parent approval.  Mr. Rob works with all school stakeholders to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences that help them to become successful, well-rounded, lifelong learners that make a positive contribution to society.