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Jody Paulek is our visual art teacher. She has taught in Bayfield for 29 years. Our art curriculum is taught through a new method which has been dubbed "Teaching for Artistic Behavior" or, TAB. Often it's called "Choice-based Art" or Studio Art. This method has been developed by many art teachers across the nation and has been shown to promote independence, creativity, problem-solving skills, cooperation, and deep analysis of artwork made by both students and working artists. The basic tenets of TAB are: studios are set up around the art room where the teacher gives lessons on how to properly use the materials contained in them. The students are given freedom on which studio they choose for the day and they work independently on subject, theme, or style of art. This freedom allows for experimental play, self-directed learning, and deep engagement on the part of the student. The teacher's job is to provide the materials in an easy-to-use manner, instruct students on the proper methods of using the media, find common themes among student artists and working artists, and assess student performance based on the Colorado State Standards.


In Spanish class, with teacher Mandi Quintana, your student will focus on learning this beautiful language.  Each unit will focus on an overarching theme of vocabulary words and will culminate with reading and writing complete sentences in Spanish using the target vocabulary and verbs.  We will also explore various aspects of many different Spanish-speaking countries, with a fun craft representing these lessons.



Who Is My Teacher?
Computer Explore teacher Tim Telep brings over a decade and a half of experience teaching technology skills to Bayfield students. In addition to having a Colorado teaching credential with an Instructional Technology (K-12) endorsement, Tim is also CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) certified and a Level 1 Google Certified Educator. 


What Will I Learn?
Over the course of three years, BIS Computer Explore students will: 
- Learn how to be creative and get things done using Google resources 
- Learn how to be safe, fair, and responsible using internet technologies
- Learn basic home row keyboarding technique
- Explore how the internet works 
- Explore computer coding fundamentals by engaging in software design
- Explore design possibilities using computer-aided design (CAD) software


Computer Explore Essential Standards

I am an Empowered Learner. 
I can use different kinds of technology to get things done and show what I have learned.  

I am a Digital Citizen. 
I know how to be safe, fair, and responsible when I use internet technologies.   
I am a Creative Communicator. 
I can be creative and share information in different ways 
using different kinds of computer technology.


With P.E. teacher Becky Chandler, you will find a quality Physical Education program that promotes students to carry on a healthy lifestyle by incorporating movement skills, physical fitness, and personal wellness. We use skill themes (basketball, volleyball, soccer, jump rope, and dance) to teach locomotors, manipulative and non-manipulative skills that will help students to become successful in activities and sports. Students will work cooperatively and at the same time develop fair play and sportsmanship. Bayfield Intermediate's Physical Education program provides and encourages all students of all ability levels to succeed.


Eric Stramel is the BIS Music teacher.  In addition to preparing for and performing one concert per grade level, students in Music will also focus on music enjoyment and understanding.  Most lessons will include study and practice of rhythm.  Students will sing, play percussion instruments, and learn about other instruments, activities, and musical styles that they can pursue as they get older.  A primary focus of Music Class at BIS is helping students find a connection and appreciation for music that they can carry with them for life.