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BIS Spanish Explore with Mrs. Quintana

Welcome to la clase de espanol.   
During your child's Spanish rotation, we will focus on a themed set of vocabulary words.  We will spend our class time participating in activities which will help the students master these words, as well as a target verb or two for the rotation.  We culminate the rotation with a vocabulary quiz and then creating complete and grammatically correct Spanish sentences.  Additionally, we will learn a cultural aspect of a specific Spanish-speaking country and will create a craft which represents this culture lesson.  
Que divertido!
A little about me....
I have over two decades of Spanish teaching experience. I have taught Spanish to all grade levels from 3rd to 12th grades using methods based on TPR strategies which focus mainly on the oral language and using whole language structures.
I live with my amazing husband, two beautiful children and two adorable dogs.  
I enjoy reading, hiking, running,  and coaching.  You will also see me officiating local volleyball games.  
I love dark chocolate and mint, peanut butter M&Ms and fruit!
I have traveled to several Spanish speaking countries around the world and I am very excited to share my experiences and knowledge.
Thank you for sharing your kids with me!
Mrs. Quintana